Lost [Official Music Video] – Linkin Park

Lost [Official Music Video] - Linkin Park

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Video Credits: 
Directors: Maciej Kuciara, pplpleasr

Production Company: Shibuya –

AI Production: Kaiber, Jacky Lu –  Sagans, @sagansagansagans

Editor and Compositing Lead: Anthony Scott Burns
Illustration: jun._.ka

Animation: Alasdair Willson, Andrew Hawryluk, Colby Beckett, Daniels Gulbis, Egor Mark, Kim Ho, Torell Vowles, Toros Kose

Meteora|20 out April 7th
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Written by Aurora

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  1. Foram 20 anos de espera para ouvir essa obra de arte em forma de música!
    É como se o Chester tivesse descido do céu só para nos deixar esse presente!❤️‍🔥🎶
    Obrigado, Chester!🖤
    Obrigado, Linkin Park!❤️

  2. As I've heard, it's an unreleased track from 2003, being too similar to Numb. Been remastered and that's it. I hope they have more unreleased masterpieces hidden from us in their drafts that they would finish and bring to us one day!

  3. Jesus is the one who heals our hearts and saves our soul. I hope and pray Chester had turned to Jesus. Please accept Jesus as Savior today. The only person who knows and understand you completely is your Creator Jesus Christ. Trust Jesus to save you from sin and to heal the broken places. Without Jesus we are all lost!

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