Eagles – Hotel California (Live 1977) (Official Video) [HD]

Eagles - Hotel California (Live 1977) (Official Video) [HD]

HD Remastered Official Music Video for « Hotel California » (Live from the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland in 1977) performed by the Eagles. Original song from ‘Hotel California’ (1976).

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Written by Aurora

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  3. Creo q YouTube lo borro por derechos de autor O no se ya tiene más de 10 años q lo avía visto este video en vivoy ya lo volvieron a poner lo buscaba y no me aparecia, pero verlos como tocan en ese concierto fue una locura me centra ahí jajaaja fui el único…

  4. The coolest thing I've come to realize about music is that…when a voice, a song, an instrument created by an artist….the connection is forever. Music that speaks to you becomes timeless. It's so powerful and I commend anyone that puts forth courage, blood, sweat, tears, and their god given talents to help all of us heal, grow, and triumph throughout this journey we call life!
    Peace, love and happiness!

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