témoignage d’un ancien officier de la garde rapprochée de Poutine

temoignage dun ancien officier de la garde rapprochee de Poutine

Gleb Karakoulov, an officer of the Federal Protection Service (FSO), had until October 14, 2022, been responsible for the close protection of high-ranking officials in Russia. Specifically, he was in charge of protecting the country’s top leader, Vladimir Putin. Trained as a military officer, he was responsible for secure communications during the president’s travels and held the rank of captain.

He is currently the highest-ranking officer of the Russian security services to have defected and strongly condemned the war in Ukraine. The Centre Dossier, an investigative website founded and funded by exiled opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky, stresses this point. The site has extensively interviewed Captain Karakoulov for more than ten hours, verifying and cross-checking his statements. The site also notes that it waited until Captain Karakoulov and his family were « safe » in an undisclosed location before publishing his testimony, which had been recorded at the end of 2022.

Born in 1987, Gleb Karakoulov provides a detailed account of his experiences.

As an FSO officer in Vladimir Putin’s close security detail, Gleb Karakoulov had unlimited access to the highest echelons of power in Russia. His insights into the inner workings of this security apparatus are thus invaluable. He reveals that he had grown increasingly disillusioned with the regime’s actions, particularly with regard to the war in Ukraine.

Captain Karakoulov provides a rare glimpse into the human side of the Russian security services, outlining the personal and professional toll his defection took on him and his family. In his interview with the Centre Dossier, he details the difficulties of leaving his life and job behind and starting anew in a foreign land.

Despite his fears and misgivings, he remains resolute in his conviction that he made the right decision. He believes that it is now his duty to speak out against the Putin regime and to expose its wrongdoings.

In conclusion, Gleb Karakoulov’s defection and revelations are a significant blow to the Putin regime, which has long relied on the loyalty of its security forces. His testimony sheds light on the internal workings of the security services and offers a rare glimpse into the thinking of officers tasked with protecting the country’s leaders. His decision to speak out, despite the risks involved, demonstrates his commitment to justice and democracy in Russia.

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