Groupe de sabotage ukrainien en lutte contre les forces de Poutine en RUSSIE. Craintes d’attaque « false flag ». (Ukrainian sabotage group fights Putin’s forces inside Russia. Fear of « false flag » attack.)

Kyiv has dismissed Moscow’s claims of a Ukrainian attack within Russia’s borders as a « deliberate provocation » and a false flag plot. Russian news agencies said that Vladimir Putin’s forces were fighting to « eliminate » a Ukrainian sabotage group in the Bryansk region, bordering Ukraine, after the group allegedly took hostages in a shop. However, there was no immediate proof or confirmation of the alleged Ukrainian incursion. Ukraine and its western allies have warned about false flag attacks in the past, fearing Moscow could use manufactured provocations to justify further escalations in the Russian president’s invasion of Ukraine. Putin cancelled a planned visit to southwestern Russia amid the ongoing reports. The FSB security service said that its own forces and the army were trying to liquidate « an armed group of Ukrainian nationalists » who had crossed the border.

Written by Rudolf Karken

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